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Colonic Irrigation seeks to 're-tune' the body, repair some of the damage and restore it to a condition that enables it to function more efficiently.

About Us

The Way to Better Health

Temple Cleansing Studio was established in July 2004 at Leopold, Victoria as the first combined Colonic Irrigation and Health Care centre in the region. Convinced by the significant health benefits that result from colonic irrigation, Temple Cleansing is committed to providing the availability of this treatment at the highest possible standard. Read more

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What To Expect When You Arrive For Your Appointment

Should you have any questions prior to your appointment date, please feel free to contact our office at 123-456-7890. We look forward to seeing you here!


Our Clients' Reviews

I haven’t been to angelika before but I have met this beautiful lady and enquired about my daughter who has brain cancer receiving treatment from angelika for her very painful legs and feet. And this lady is the most beautiful. Caring person and truly a treasure

heartwarming tessa

Was a most pleasurable experience; i was very nervous going in for the first time but Angelika made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The entire process was explained to me in detail and the enviornment was very clean and sanitary. I would definately recommend going here to anyone and cannot tell you what a feeling of relief it gives you afterwards. I felt like i had released so many toxins from my system!!!

The Gotcha

Best service, on time, classy, extremely private and clean clinic with the most lovely colonic irrigation specialist I’ve ever met. Such a pleasurable experience. My go-to after too much Christmas cake. ? I’d never go anywhere else. Tried all the colonic clinics on The Bellarine, and Temple Cleansing is, by far, the absolute best of the lot! AND fragrance free service available, Disability friendly and gay friendly..

Michellina van Loder