Colonic Cleansing

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Quite understandably, most people are a little anxious on their first visit. An overactive imagination can generate all kinds of apprehensions! We would, therefore, like to assure you that your fears are groundless. Our premises have a relaxed atmosphere, and Angelika's friendly personality quickly puts all clients at ease.

Before the first session of therapy begins, Angelika requires some information about each client. Our 'Client History and Questionnaire' form, which each client is asked to complete, enables her to assess each person's needs and provide appropriate advice. The form also includes a 'Treatment Consent' paragraph that we require the client to read and sign before the process of Colonic Irrigation commences.

You will also receive an information sheet that contains some basic but important information about Colonic Irrigation. This information provides advice on what to eat before and after treatment and what your expectations should be following treatment.

Another form will be provided, 'Instructions on the Treatment Procedures of Colonic Irrigation.' This document gives detailed instructions on the Colonic Irrigation process. Angelika will go through each step with every client to ensure they fully understand what is involved and to answer any questions that may arise. This time of explanation and preparation before the procedure is of the utmost importance, not least because it gives clients the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have. Every person is important to us, and Angelika's obvious professional skills and caring personality enable clients to relax when they know exactly what to expect.

Our Recommendations

We strongly recommend that each client has at least 5 sessions and certainly no less than 3. Let me explain the reason why: the first irrigation flushes out the body waste in the lower part of the colon and softens other waste which has adhered to the colon and become hard. The second irrigation (which, we advise, should take place no more than 2 or 3 days after the first) flushes out that softened waste. To leave it longer results in its becoming hard again, thus reducing the effectiveness of the first irrigation. The third and succeeding irrigations should take place approximately a week later. Following a full course, monthly irrigations are adequate.

Each session normally lasts 45 minutes, however the first session takes about one hour in total for I explain the process in detail and encourage people to ask questions. It is important that you are completely informed about what is involved and feel comfortable with it. Also, a couple of ‘Client Information’ forms need to be completed.
There is no need for fasting prior to Colonic Irrigation, however, I recommend that no very large meals be eaten within 24 hours of the procedure.

Presently the colonic irrigation service is not claimable through Medicare or Private Health insurance; however we are hoping that that will change in the not too distant future.

What Actually Happens?

The patient lies in a comfortable position on his/her back, while body-temperature water is introduced into the colon at a low gravitational pressure through a small, gel-covered, flexible plastic tube which is easily inserted, by the patient (assistance is given if required,) into the anus. We would emphasis that this is neither painful nor difficult. The water dissolves the waste which is then disposed of through a closed system. This offers a complete cleansing of the colon which can not be achieved by any other method.

The state-of-the-art equipment that we use does not require the constant attendance of the therapist during the irrigation process, nor does the therapist – as required by some systems use external manipulation of the colon. As the irrigation process is contained in a closed system, it is neither embarrassing nor smelly. And your dignity is preserved at all times.

The colonic irrigation treatment room is a pleasant room. A mirror which reflects the transparent plastic pipe which removes the results of the flushing of the colon – is conveniently placed near the ‘colonic bed’ where the client can observe what is happening. A bell is near at hand to summon the therapist at any time. And some magazines are available for you to read during the process.

When the procedure is completed about 45 minutes later – the machine will summon the therapist. The process is relaxing and enjoyable and invigorating!