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Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?

February 17, 2014

Natural colon cleansing has been practiced as far back as the times of the ancient Greeks. In the modern western world, colon cleansing began to become popular in the 1920’s. But somehow, the practice lost backing and suddenly, people tried other cleansing theories. But during the past decades, colon cleansing has slowly come back in the form of colon irrigation through the use of teas, enzymes, and a lot more. But the question still stands, is natural colon cleansing good for us?

Well, let us take a look at a few details regarding colon cleansing that may help you choose whether the process is for you. But before we take a look at the things that colon cleansing can actually do for you, let us first determine just what really is natural colon cleansing?

There are two major methods used in colon cleansing. The first one involves purchasing specific products such as liquid or powder supplements while the other one requires going to an expert on colon irrigation. The former requires you to take supplements for colon cleansing either via your mouth or the rectum. These supplements will try to cause your colon to eject whatever is inside it. Many of these items are readily available on the Internet and in many health food shops and pharmacies. Some of them are:

  • Laxatives
  • Enemas
  • Herbal teas
  • Magnesium
  • Enzymes

The very first contemporary colonic machine was made roughly a hundred years ago. Nowadays, you can hear of colon hydro-therapists or colonic hygienists who can do colon irrigations. Colon irrigations are almost similar to enema. However, they require more water minus the bad smell and discomfort associated with enema. As the individual lies on a table, a low-pressure pump is attached to the rectum and flushes gallons of water into the colon via a tiny tube. When the water has reached the colon, the colon specialist then massages the abdomen prompting the patient to release the water as if you are doing your regular bowel movement. As you release the water, out comes all the wastes inside the colon. The process may be repeated by the therapist and an entire colon cleansing session can last up to 60 minutes. There are colon cleansing therapists who combine the water being flushed inside the colon with coffee, enzymes, coffee, and probiotics which contain helpful bacteria that eat up the toxins inside the stomach.

Colon cleansing is actually hinged on a theory called autointoxication. The theory suggests that foods such as meat that were not digested properly can lead to mucus accumulation with in the colon. This build-up creates toxins which has the capacity to enter the body’s blood circulation and eventually poison the body. These toxins lead to a wide variety of bad effects including headaches, fatigue, sluggishness, and even weight gain.

In the end, the process of colon cleansing gets rid of toxins thereby reducing its negative effect on the body’s nervous system.

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