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The Way to Better Health
Temple Cleansing Studio was established in July 2004 at Leopold, Victoria as the first combined Colonic Irrigation and Health Care centre in the region. Convinced by the significant health benefits that result from colonic irrigation, Temple Cleansing is committed to providing the availability of this treatment at the highest possible standard. To this end only the best and latest equipment and the most experienced professional workers are employed to provide 'The Way to Better Health.'

Temple Cleansing Studio is proactive and passionate about informing and educating the public about the value of Colonic Irrigation to healthy living. We do this through our publications, lectures and our web site.

Temple Cleansing Studio is committed to:
  • Providing of the highest quality health care to all clients
  • Emphasising the importance and value of natural alternatives for optimal health in a professional and caring environment
  • Actively pursuing the co-operation of General Practitioners who are respected as partners in health provision
  • Embracing the principle of excellence in its professional services, business practices and ethical standards.

About Angelika Fritz
Owner of Temple Cleansing Studio

Angelika Fritz is the owner of Temple Cleansing Studio
and highly trained and experienced Colonic Irrigation Therapist.

Angelika is a registered Colonic Irrigation Therapist which requires supervised onsite training as well as extensive formal knowledge in anatomy, physiology and body based therapy. She is also a certified and accredited Remedial Massage Therapist.

Her qualifications include:
  • Accreditation in Remedial Massage
  • Certificate in Colonic Irrigation

A personal note from Angelika

I am true believer that the inclusion of natural therapies into our daily lifestyle can help our bodies thrive. Colonic Irrigation
is a fantastic example. The value of Colonic Irrigation for healthy living is gradually being recognised and many doctors are now recommending the treatment to their patients. Its positive results are making many realise that it has an important
part to play in the healing process.

It is a procedure that is safe and relaxing and many who have had it speak about feeling the benefits even after the first treatment. One client recently summarised the comments of others, 'Since having the treatment, I have been feeling so much better and have so much more energy.' That's what we like to hear!

If we can help you be better and feel better, we are very pleased.

Founder of Temple Cleansing Studio