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Fruits Good for Colon

October 25, 2013

There are a couple of popular views on how the human body came into being. Some think we are the result of millions of years of evolution that occurred in a somewhat haphazard manner. Others believe that gods or aliens literally designed us and engineered our ancestors with the current human form fully realized. The two camps fight incessantly. There could be no two views that are farther apart. With such diametrically opposed views, it seems logical that anything both sides agree on must be an undeniable truth. This brings us to digestive health. Regardless of how the individual believes the human body came into being, no one feels that it was designed to digest the processed and chemically created food products that even the most careful eaters encounter in today's world.

When the toxins and pseudo-foods amass to the point that digestive problems occur, many feel that a colon cleansing is the answer. Whether or not regular colon flushes are on your agenda, if there are foods that promote healthy digestive processes, does it not make sense to eat them? Luckily, nature has provided a couple of fruits that can easily become a part of anyone's colon health diet: apples and avocados.

The apple is truly a universal fruit. Some form of apple grows virtually anywhere there are trees. What makes apples such a good fruit for colon health? There are a couple of things. First, apples are rich in fiber. When eaten, this fiber sort of acts the way a pipe cleaner does - the fiber scrubs the digestive tract as it makes its way through. The second thing that apple possesses that makes it special in this arena is pectin. Pectin cause coagulation. For this reason, it is used in jams and jellies to cause them to take that gelatin consistency. Within the digestive system, it serves the same purpose, gathering tiny particles and forming them into a clump that the body can handle easily.

The second fruit that is great for the colon is the avocado. Among fruits good for colon health, it is virtually a wash whether apples or avocados are better. While apples contain fiber and pectin, avocados contain two types of fiber - soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fiber is the previously mentioned type that scrubs from within, while the soluble type forms a gelatinous mass similar to way pectin gels within the digestive system.

While a periodic colon wash may be a good idea, maintaining a healthy diet that contains the colon cleansing apple and avocado should be a part of every health conscious person's lifestyle.

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