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Colon hydrotherapy benefits

September 11, 2013

Colon hydrotherapy (also called colon irrigation) is the process of flushing the colon with water to wash out waste. While the magnitude of the benefits is something that is debated, the benefits themselves are clear and simple to understand.


Removal of toxins from the body can be considered the poster child of the colon cleansing industry.

How does our body get toxins, you ask? First, we ingest them. With man made chemicals becoming an ever growing component of our diets and the air we breathe, it is inevitable that many of these chemicals are things that our bodies were never designed to deal with. In addition to the chemicals every person in the modern world ingests, our bodies also produce waste materials that can act as toxins if they are not promptly removed from the body.

The real problem with toxins that are not quickly expelled from the body is the vicious cycle of reabsorption. When our bodies are too slow to expel some toxins, the body will absorb them and send them to "the back of the line" again. As we ingest or produce more toxins that our body cannot eliminate quickly enough, the quantities reabsorbed grow, as do the effects. Washing the toxins from the waste system can halt this cycle and let the involved body systems get a clean start on their tasks.

Other Waste

In addition to toxic chemicals, physical waste can get stuck to the walls of the digestive system. Much of our bodies' waste disposal system functions somewhat like an air filter, with desired substances passing through and nondesirable objects becoming trapped. Also like an air filter, those parts of our bodies that function this way become extremely inefficient when the surface of the filter is clogged. Because the hydrotherapy process is a more robust washing than what occurs naturally, much of this clogging can be dislodged by the procedure.

Clearing the Path

All of the body's waste disposal systems expel waste through the same general path. When this path is cleared by colon hydrotherapy, all of the waste systems in the body require less work to do their jobs. Less work equals fewer bodily resources used and therefore even less waste produced. Many people who undergo colon hydrotherapy report that this reduction translates to markedly more energy.

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