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Best foods for colon cleansing

October 11, 2013

Anything that is good for the body is better when incorporated into a lifestyle as opposed to an infrequent shock treatment. For example, adding 30 minutes of weight training several times per week will increase strength and muscle mass while promoting an overall quickening of the metabolism. On the other hand, having a marathon five hour session once per month does nothing but create tortuously sore muscles and court injury. In the world of colon cleansing, a similar process is in effect. Incorporating day-to-day cleansing into the lifestyle makes those special treatments more effective because the regular waste system has been tuned to higher efficiency. The best way to tune the waste system is diet.


This is the most talked about aspect of dietary colon health. There is good reason for this. Fiber not only keeps the digestive system functioning well, but can actually help clean existing toxins from the body.

Insoluble fiber is what everyone thinks of when someone mentions fiber. This tends to be the solid component of feces. As our bodies are dynamic systems, stagnation is a bad thing. Ingesting enough fiber to stimulate regular bowel movements prevents stagnation in the excretory system.

Soluble fiber actually forms a sort of gel within the digestive system. The value of this is existing toxins will stick to this gel as it passes through the digestive system. Soluble fiber acts much like a sponge.

The best sources of fiber are leafy greens and fruits, particularly apples and avocados.


Our digestive system relies on bacteria to help process the foods we eat. When the population of these beneficial bacteria is extremely low, our bodies must work overtime to process food, or worse, not be able to process the food at all. Fortunately these beneficial bacteria can be reintroduced to your systems by eating fermented foods.

Some of the most common sources of probiotic bacteria are sauerkraut, miso soup and yogurt.


Simply put, water. Water is often called the universal solvent because there are very few things in the natural world that are completely immune to its ability to dissolve them. Particularly useful in the concept of waste removal, having enough water dissolving things in our digestive system helps prevent blockages from forming. In addition to its solvent properties, water is also crucial to our bodies because many of the most important functions of the body take place through osmosis, where water becomes a carrier that allows the body to relocate nutrients and toxins alike.

Many swear by the colon cleansing treatments they receive. It only stands to reason that keeping the digestive system more clean through a healthy diet will make these treatments even more effective.

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